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Air Freight Services

Our partnerships with major Airlines and Air Cargo Carriers allow us to transport your cargo to all worldwide destinations, while providing a competitive and value added service. This includes:

  • Door to Door Services
  • Irregular sized cargo
  • Door to Airport
  • Import Service
  • Relocation services

Ocean Freight Services

EAM is working closely with some of the largest and well established shipping companies in the market. We are able to provide door to door or CY ocean freight services for your cargo needs; from LCL to FCL container shipments, EAM can handle it.

Custom Clearance

EAM directly liaises with Singapore customs and has its own in-house clearance team that ensure all import shipments are cleared through customs effectively while complying with all legal requirements. Customers are assured to have an efficient and hassle free service.


EAM has its own bonded warehouse facility strategically located Inside Singapore’s Changi Airport Free Zone area.We are able to provide customers with special services that include:

Bonded Storage facilities - Safe Storage of shipments in a secured bonded area without having to pay Singapore import duties and taxes until authorization is given for delivery.

Trans-shipments – Receive shipments from worldwide shippers and directly transship to final destination through our bonded facility to reduce costs.

Supplier Secrecy – EAM understands the necessity in business today that the secrecy of suppliers and customers is vital for most businesses. EAM ensures that its customers are able to purchase their products from worldwide suppliers, route them via EAM Bonded facility and successfully deliver to the final End user without disclosing confidential supplier information and purchase price.

Cross Country Movements

Although EAM Facility is based in Singapore, through its vast worldwide network, EAM can collect and deliver cargo to and from virtually any destination worldwide. Solutions are tailor made based on customer requirements of speed and price sensitivity.